Changemakers: Chris Mayer, CEO of Longbridge Financial

Reverse Mortgage Daily


Longbridge Financial CEO Chris Mayer is a unique presence in the reverse mortgage industry by virtue of his wealth of accomplishments. Not only has he earned a PhD in economics from MIT, but he serves as Paul Milstein Professor of Real Estate at Columbia Business School, bringing an unparalleled academic pedigree to the leadership structure of a major reverse mortgage lender and servicer.

It’s that unique perspective and keen understanding of all the underpinnings of home equity in retirement planning that has allowed Longbridge to become a top 5 reverse mortgage lender and securitizer, less than a decade after its founding.

Mayer sits down as part of the inaugural class of Reverse Mortgage Daily’s Changemakers to share what it takes to look at the industry differently, and how the value of the people who drive it at all levels should never be overlooked.

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