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Aubrie Klouse, NMLS# 2212663

A native of the great city of Charlotte, I find great pleasure in my home state of North Carolina. After all, what’s not to love with the mountains and the beach each just hours away?! With a passion for helping others, I now enter the reverse mortgage space hoping to help today’s retirees achieve their financial goals. Reverse mortgages can be a life-changing financial tool for today’s seniors, but many people don’t realize all the benefits. In my conversations with clients, I hope to provide them the information and service they need to make a well-informed decision about the program.

I like to think of home equity this way – you’ve taken care of your home for all these years. Isn’t it time you allow the equity you’ve built up in it to take care of you? As a Reverse Mortgage Consultant, I am fortunate to build relationships with today’s savvy seniors and make a difference in their golden years.


Our managers have a long track record of success in creating financial products and services tailored to the needs of their clients—having successfully built or turned around multiple business lines, within some of financial services’ most respected companies.

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Not just a voice over the phone.

If you’re already working with a Longbridge Financial Reverse Mortgage expert, we’re pleased to help you put a face to that voice, and get to know them just a bit better. If you’ve not yet been introduced to your personal guide through the Reverse Mortgage process, please call 855-523-4326 to get started.