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Erica McNab

A native of Buffalo, New York, I now reside in a small town in South Carolina, just outside of the Charlotte area. I have 15 years of experience in both the financial services and insurance industries, having specialized in consulting, relationship management, and lending. In the reverse mortgage space, I’ve been able to explore a passion for helping retirees experience a more enjoyable and financially secure retirement. Outside of the office, I enjoy attending services at Elevation Church with my wonderful daughter, volunteering, going to festivals, and spending quality time with good friends.


Our managers have a long track record of success in creating financial products and services tailored to the needs of their clients—having successfully built or turned around multiple business lines, within some of financial services’ most respected companies.

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If you’re already working with a Longbridge Financial Reverse Mortgage expert, we’re pleased to help you put a face to that voice, and get to know them just a bit better. If you’ve not yet been introduced to your personal guide through the Reverse Mortgage process, please call 855-523-4326 to get started.