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We are so glad you are taking the time to learn more about using home equity strategies and reverse mortgages to help your clients.

This product will be increasingly important for current and future retirees as advisors seek new, creative strategies to give their clients more liquidity, improve the efficiency of asset spend down and make the most of assets that have typically remained dormant. The house is where the money is for a majority of Americans – and a big part of your job is helping them find the funds to optimize their options and resources.

If you have clients that are age 62+, you need to understand how and when to consider home equity in your retirement plans.

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"Longbridge has been very easy to work with, making the reverse mortgage easy for me and for my clients. They make sure everyone really understands how the program works and their responsibilities. Plus their pricing saves clients a lot of money!"

Steve B, TX

"I have used Longbridge for reverse mortgages for two of my clients over the last year. I plan to continue to use this group as an additional arrow in my quiver of planning resources. I would strongly encourage any open minded planner to use reverse mortgages for select clients…"

Daryl C, TX

"Longbridge is very easy to work with and responsive to all questions about reverse mortgages."

John M, GA