The key to a more secure retirement might already be in your pocket.

Real Stories from Real People

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find out how much they can accomplish with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). Here are some of the ways a reverse mortgage has helped our clients.

Reverse Mortgages...No Longer a Last Resort

Recently Financial Advisor Dr. George Gately introduced us to our new favorite client: Virginia. At age 82, Virginia still enjoys mowing her own lawn and working full time at an automotive dealership. Although Virginia is financially comfortable, with no intention of retiring or leaving her home any...
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Increase Cash Flow and Retire on Time

Alice and John** (66 and 64) wanted to retire as soon as possible. But with a $250,000 mortgage and eight more years of payments, their retirement income was not sufficient to cover their $1,850 a month mortgage payment. Plus, due to her health issues, Alice was concerned...
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In-Home Care Made Affordable

In planning for Sarah’s home healthcare needs, Mike and Sarah** learned that in-home care is much more expensive than they expected. Because Medicare and health insurance rarely cover home care, the couple was left with the challenge of coming up with the money without tapping into their...
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