Can You Refinance a Reverse Mortgage?

The short answer is yes. Although a reverse mortgage refinance is like that of a conventional mortgage, there are some distinctions that you and the lender should consider before moving forward with a refinance. When a reverse mortgage refinance might make sense: Your home value has grown since the time you took out the reverse […]

How Can You Cover Rising Health Costs on a Fixed Budget?

A reverse mortgage can create a source of funds to help pay for healthcare in retirement. Healthcare costs continue to increase at a staggering pace. Recent estimates put the total cost of healthcare in retirement, for a couple age 65, at more than $250,000.1 This applies to older adults with traditional Medicare insurance coverage and […]

Reverse Mortgages: How Can Home Equity Be Used?

Using a Reverse Mortgage to tap into your home equity could significantly improve your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy your retirement without the added stress of a having to make a monthly mortgage payment. Accessing your home equity is a big decision. In the past, most homeowners were advised to save equity for emergencies. […]