Independent Reverse Mortgage Counseling: What You Need to Know

Why is it required? What does it do for you? Getting a Reverse Mortgage loan is an important financial decision and requires careful consideration. By speaking with an independent counselor, you can be sure that all of your questions are answered and that have the information you need to make the reverse mortgage decisions that […]

FHA Increases the HECM Lending Limit

Great News! The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) just announced that the national lending limit for the HECM Reverse Mortgage Program will increase from $679,650 to $726,525 as of January 1, 2019. Why is this great news and what does it mean if you’re considering a reverse mortgage? In essence, it means that borrowers with higher home […]

How Home Equity Can Help You Stay at Home

A reverse mortgage can offer access to the funds you need to “age in place.” The AARP conducted a survey asking people age 45 and older about their homes and communities. An overwhelming 88% said that they wanted to remain in their current home for as long as possible.1 The reasons why should come as […]

How Can You Cover Rising Health Costs on a Fixed Budget?

A reverse mortgage can create a source of funds to help pay for healthcare in retirement. Healthcare costs continue to increase at a staggering pace. Recent estimates put the total cost of healthcare in retirement, for a couple age 65, at more than $250,000.1 This applies to older adults with traditional Medicare insurance coverage and […]

Why You Should Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire and What to Do if You Cant

USA Today The number of retirees carrying a mortgage balance has grown substantially over the years. In order to pay off their debt, many retirees have turned to their retirement funds to use towards their mortgage payments which may make it hard to pay for current and future living expenses. Learn how to pay off […]

Five Unique Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

What’s the key to a secure retirement? It may be the one that opens your front door. Times have changed for retirees. For many, the classic “three-legged stool” of retirement funding (Social Security, pensions, and savings) is no longer enough to pay for the kind of retirement lifestyle they’d like to live. That’s why today, […]