The Gold Program

In addition to offering competitive pricing on standard HECM programs, our proprietary Gold Program pricing includes a two-tiered approach based on certain characteristics of the loan.

The program pays you on both the drawn and undrawn amounts of a HECM ARM. Paying on the undrawn principal limit allows you to originate low-draw loans that would otherwise be uneconomical, expanding your market and helping you better serve your customers’ needs.

Gold Program eligibility is simple: loans have to meet these three criteria:

The loan meets all financial assessment requirements.
The minimum credit score is 660, using the Mid FICO.*
Manufactured homes are not permitted.
*For multiple borrowers, use the lowest of the Mid Scores.

Enhance your competitive capabilities with point-of-sale opportunities.

You’ll be able to offer the Gold Program as a point-of-sale marketing tool within your retail originations network. This will allow you to determine if borrowers are Gold-eligible early in the process, based on their credit score. If they are eligible, the additional premium that Longbridge pays can be directed to the borrower(s) as a credit, where applicable—helping you be more competitive versus other originators.

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