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Join our expert presenters for an informative look at home equity as part of a comprehensive retirement plan.

9/3/2019 - 1:00pm EDT - 1 hour
Understand the core foundation of a reverse mortgage and learn about free modeling tools provided by Longbridge Financial that can help you and your clients figure out when and how to strategically incorporate a reverse mortgage into your financial plans. With live and easy walkthroughs, we'll explore Longbridge Financial's free tools:
- Reverse Mortgage Estimator - Estimate the proceeds from the reverse mortgage, including the credit line growth over time.
- Home Equity Engine - Incorporate reverse mortgage proceeds into a financial model of your clients' plans with the new Home Equity Engine, a rigorous Monte Carlo simulation that models your clients' cash flow with and without a reverse mortgage.


A New Look at Reverse Mortgages—An Emerging Retirement Income Tool
Learn how to incorporate a reverse mortgage into comprehensive, effective strategies for your clients. The strategic use of a reverse mortgage can deliver improved retirement cash flow and a higher chance of portfolio survival in an extended retirement.

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Home Equity Planning “How To”: Identify Candidates and Introduce
Reverse Mortgages into Your Practice
Most advisors understand that homeowners age 62 and older should consider a reverse mortgage to improve cash-flow in retirement. In part 2 of our HECM Advisor series, we’ll show you how to take the next step and integrate the concept in your practice and add value for your clients.

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