Clients may access up to $4 million in cash

Introducing Platinum from Longbridge Financial, a non-government reverse mortgage program.
Here’s an exciting opportunity to add high-value for your clients who own high-value homes and condos.

Longbridge Platinum allows clients to access more available cash as compared to a traditional HECM loan—with a full upfront draw at a low, fixed rate. It features:

  • No monthly mortgage payments*
  • Low upfront cost with zero origination fee options
  • Streamlined process for Platinum clients
  • No monthly servicing fee for HECM Advisor Network members, saving clients thousands of dollars over the life of the loan
  • More flexibility and is competitive with many forward mortgage and HELOC programs

The power of Platinum has many advantages for your clients.
Unlocking home equity can help clients extend the life of their assets in retirement. Now, with Longbridge Platinum, high-value homeowners can reap all the benefits that a reverse mortgage has to offer—and leave higher-performing investments to grow over time, while using the proceeds to:

  • Eliminate monthly mortgage payments
  • Generate tax-free income to use any way they wish
  • Buy a house or condo better suited for their retirement needs, such as an active lifestyle community

And benefits for your business.
With Longbridge Platinum, you can better serve your client base and grow your business by incorporating a retirement strategy specifically designed for those with higher-value homes.

Contact us and ask a Longbridge Financial expert about it today.

Restrictions apply.
*Real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, property maintenance required.

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"Longbridge has been very easy to work with, making the reverse mortgage easy for me and for my clients. They make sure everyone really understands how the program works and their responsibilities. Plus their pricing saves clients a lot of money!"

Steve B, TX

"I have used Longbridge for reverse mortgages for two of my clients over the last year. I plan to continue to use this group as an additional arrow in my quiver of planning resources. I would strongly encourage any open minded planner to use reverse mortgages for select clients…"

Daryl C, TX

"Longbridge is very easy to work with and responsive to all questions about reverse mortgages."

John M, GA