Get a low margin on a reverse mortgage

Get a reverse mortgage with a margin as low as 1%*—which means More available cash and a Lower interest rate.

For example:

Higher margin:
Age 65
Home value:
Typical available cash:
up to $147,000*
With this offer:
may increase up to $156,900*

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*This is not an offer to make you a loan, does not qualify you for a loan, and is not an official loan disclosure. Loan disclosures, including a Good Faith Estimate of closing costs, are provided upon receipt of a completed reverse mortgage application. Additional terms and conditions apply. To qualify for a 1% margin the minimum home value on property to be financed with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is $250,000.

Discover how a reverse mortgage allows you to:

  • Have more money on hand to meet everyday bills and expenses
  • Eliminate or reduce credit card balances or other debts
  • Help with healthcare expenses, making it easier to age in place
  • Set aside funds to pay for future long-term care needs
  • Make home updates, repairs or modifications to live more comfortably
  • Lower taxable income by replacing taxable withdrawals from 401(k) or other retirement plans with tax-free reverse mortgage income*
  • Establish a line of credit for emergencies or occasional expenses
  • Use it for any other purpose

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  • What is a reverse mortgage and how it works
  • What are the benefits of a reverse mortgage
  • How a reverse mortgage compares to a traditional mortgage
  • What amount you can receive from a reverse mortgage
  • How you can receive your reverse mortgage funds
  • The reverse mortgage process

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“Using a reverse mortgage to tap home equity is one of the most powerful options available to retirees today” – Alicia Munnell, Director, Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

*Consult a financial advisor and appropriate government agencies for any effect on taxes or government benefits.