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To access your account information online:

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Online servicing provides everything you need to easily manage your reverse mortgage loan, including:

  • Loan summary details
  • Recent transactions and statements
  • Request forms, including Occupancy and Draw Requests
  • Answers to the most common loan servicing questions
  • And more, such as a mobile app for Android and iOS to use on the fly

Download Our Servicing Mobile App Today

Mobile: Tap and hold on the QR Code until you see a notification pop up, then simply tap to access.

Desktop: Open the camera app on your phone. Using the rear-facing camera, point the device at the QR code as if taking a picture, so the code appears in the viewfinder. Your device will recognize the code and generate a notification—simply tap to access.

Information about a loan called Due and Payable:

When a Reverse Mortgage loan is called due or in default for non-payment of property charges, the following options are generally available; all of them (other than paying the debt in full) must adhere to HUD guidelines:

  • Full debt payment
  • Property sale
  • Property purchase (if the borrower(s) is/are deceased)
  • Tax and/or insurance reinstatement
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure

To discuss any of these options, please call our Borrower Care Team at 866-654-0020,
Monday-Thursday from 8am-8pm EST and Friday from 8am-5pm EST.


Please click the link below if you’re looking to learn about your state’s Homeowner’s Assistance Funds (HAF) program and requirements.