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Below is a directory of our Longbridge National Field Sales team members, including links to their website or business profile.

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Agent Name NMLS  
Alfred Schloss 404064
Alice Tseng 974322
Allan Pelikow 1768331
Becky Fahey 71218
Becky Koehler 455390
Blake Pavlich 585319
Brooke Squyres 1488020
Carol Miller 595725
Catherine Hall 1470179
Cathy Scoto 1039827
Christa Carey 490158
Christina Acevedo 1572364
Cory Carstens 473360
Dan Swoish 1646467
David Aulicino 455550
David Ellison 1388049
David Reas 250190
Debora Birman 186776
Debra Callahan 582968
Dori Blessing 1393642
Edward Badrak 302807
Elizabeth Ciccone 781623
Frank McInerney 792290,+LLC+-+Frank+McInerney+-+Reverse+Mortgages&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAA_-NgU1I1qLCwNDAwNjdNSjW3SElLtDC1MqgwMUqzTLJMMzZJSTOxNDGyWMRq75Ofl55UlJmSnqrglpmXmJecmZijo-Dj46ygq-BWlJiXreCb7JmXWpSXWgkUCUotSy0qTlXwzS8qSU9MTy0GAG_Zt4FrAAAA&hl=en&mat=CWwvVcYCLIfZElYBpsFAC6sG5CU9vkeYqfnbp5PD4Hpuuukw9LW4e8ZPtzgCqGgStYqLfOgNAUmWpPimuxaE099yt_yHxH8zexK4zZALYCXPL1Ixy6IIxpc87EqOiaibew&authuser=0
Garth Touchstone 1444614
Geraldine Wenstrom 455239
Jack Litzelfelner 1978809
Jacqueline Delpriore 485960
James Conley 1956955
James Schwegman 582963
Janet Stacy 209239
Jay Elder 1448443
Jeffrey Garcia 266616
Jim Logghe 1389323
John Ruybalid 201470
John Walters 91144
Jonathan Lovegrove 2360446
Joseph Henslee 239863
Julia Railey 645994
Julie Didyoung 485913
Karen Faulkner 582940
Karen Hoffman 1459552
Karen Johnson 485939
Karen White 745701
Katherine Burns 424928
Kent Collins 2290823
Kerry Graves-Fong 1872030
Larry Berlfein 516018
Laura Brannock 540288
Laurie Libby 482982
Lori Erickson 404002
Mark Macarow 1810944,+LLC+-+Mark+Macarow+-+Reverse+Mortgages&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAA_-NgU1I1qLAwsExMSUpKMzBLTTROMzK3AgpZJhoYGCanpiWamBmbmSUvYrXxyc9LTyrKTElPVXDLzEvMS85MzNFR8PFxVtBV8E0sygYSyYlF-eVAblBqWWpRcaqCb35RSXpiemoxAAv8DKpoAAAA&hl=en&mat=CW7AJ4hCO8TGElcBpsFAC5EMVhkgtaA9-1jyWjwMEEQZJcaF7AwMMaswAcyHhAwrQs5L7zYhJO6Pn022UqbmzwEw03i_Zo4ou9_M0F5L-goKS4d4k2GYdlFBFaV_WbvVhpI&authuser=0
Mark Mauldin 268066
Mark Yerke 487724
Michael Godfrey 253506
Michael Kupke 1673724
Monty Simons 286088
Pamela Kirkpatrick 506542
Penny Thayer 2166999
Raymond Anton 375472
Rebecca Rainsberger 582973
Robert Parker 498438
Robert Petersen Jr 874762
Robert Tapia 459811
Roger Lopez 453632
Ronald Cotten 192084
Ryan Philip 418795
Sanyu Barnicoat 718122
Stephen Conroy 485940
Stephen Pepe 485943
Steven Saltz 1710767
Steven Strauss 471972
Thomas Ryall 485952
Thomas Velte 582988
Timothy Ryan 772455
Vanessa White 485917
Vicki Cheairs 543256
William Donofrio 1130701
William Leber 319723

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