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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Questions? Consult with a Specialist Now: 855-523-4326

We just need a little more information in order to prepare your in-depth analysis, including different program options, loan costs and any discounts or credits you may qualify for.

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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Questions? Consult with a Specialist Now: 855-523-4326

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Mortgage Payoff: $

This can free up monthly cash flow.

Total Available Proceeds: $ *

($ funds available at closing with the $ remaining available after 12 months). These tax free proceeds can be used for any purpose. Loan costs are not included.

Equity Reserve: ** $

This is the equity reserve still remaining in the home.

Projected Credit Line Growth

Estimated based on current and forward interest rates and margin from current HECM pricing. A Reverse Mortgage Consultant will provide an in-depth quote with more exact numbers and details.
  • Projected credit line would grow to $ by age
  • Funds could be drawn for home care or any other purpose
  • No additional income taxes on HECM funds used

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This is your reverse mortgage estimate. One of our dedicated loan officers will be in touch shortly with your in-depth analysis, including the differnt program options, loan costs, and your eligibility for possible discounts and credits.

*Certain restrictions and assumptions apply. **Interest will accrue on the outstanding loan amount and be added to the loan balance. Remaining equity displayed is an estimate at the commencement of the loan. Remaining equity is not guaranteed as the loan balance grows.

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