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While your house may be an asset, we know it is so much more!

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Longbridge Financial is an innovative company committed to responsibly helping seniors address their financial challenges.  We can help you utilize your hard earned home equity to relieve some of the financial pressures that impact so many older Americans.  Our goal is to help you have financial peace of mind in retirement. Please call now to see how a Reverse Mortgage from Longbridge Financial can fit into your retirement plans.  Call us Toll Free at 855-523-4326!

What do you want out of retirement?

Whether you’re looking to make your life just that much better, or to pay for the costs that often crop up as we age, a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM)—more commonly known as a reverse mortgage—may be the answer. Whether you need to payoff an existing mortgage or other debt, modify your home to meet your changing needs, or just having the reassurance that comes with an available line of credit, how you spend the money from a reverse mortgage is up to you.

Reverse mortgages are highly flexible, designed to help you utilize your home equity in a variety of different ways. You can take some cash up front to cover immediate expenses while also reserving additional home equity to meet your future obligations. You’ll find that a reverse mortgage can help free up the resources you need to reduce the burden of today’s financial pressures or just to enjoy the kind of retirement you have always dreamed of.

In fact, more than half a million people have already enhanced their retirement lifestyle using a reverse mortgage. So imagine what you could do with the freedom of remaining in your home with no monthly mortgage payment plus the benefits of additional cash. Let Longbridge Financial help you find a way to make it happen.

*As with any loan, interest does accrue on the amount of the reverse mortgage that is disbursed. However, the accrued interest, fees and principal loan amount do not have to be repaid until the homeowners no longer live in the home.

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